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Flat E17    

Ghent University 2008



Design for a residential flat building at the park and ride of highway E17 crossing Ghentbrugge. The first part of the design was in collaboration with Lore Vanhooren en Laure Van Huffel. The urban situation of the site had to be analysed, together with a suitable typology for the future flat building. Those early decisions didn’t go as fluently as they wanted to. Designing a flat building on top of the E17 highway, the group of young students lost track in progressivity. During the second part, Jolien was able to get her act together, developing an interesting flat design. Strong was the ability of the flats to be coupled together. A puzzle of spaces, accumulated in a well thought-out way, creating valuable living area and interesting perspectives, visually linking one space to another. Moreover, the puzzle was invented in a way to design a logical support structure, resulting in an inspirational design, both ingenious and creative. 

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