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Oude Schelde     

Ghent University, 2009



During this design for a truck stop in her second bachelor at the University of Ghent, Jolien started to understand how important it is to go to the place you are about to recreate. What lives at that particular place? What goes on in the worlds and minds of truck drivers? What are their needs? What seems to be relevant for them? During her research, she decided also to explore other truck stops and to get some coffee with a truck driver, letting him explain to her how their world works exactly. Observing the spectacle at a parking lot and hearing the live story of a trucker who lived next door, gave her the inspiration needed to develop a relevant design at Oude Schelde. Empathizing with their lifestyle, Jolien imagined a truck stop consisting of large parking lots, calculated for their trucks – being their vehicle and house at the same time – to park as if they seemed to be caravans on a camping spot, being able to appropriate additional space. Furthermore, Jolien thought of the common spaces (cafeteria, restaurant, toilets, etc.) to be positioned in the middle of the parking lots. Provided by large windows, Jolien suggested to make their worlds palpable and to give them the opportunity to show off their enormous vehicles.  

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