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Ter Hand is...     





a lost paradise

a place where we had a lot of fun and where we used to mess around when we were kids

































Photography / Exhibition
Kask, School of Arts, 2013

After analysing places she had never been before, Jolien was curious to work with a place she had been knowing for quite a while; Ter Hand, a small village in Southern Belgium, her hometown. Resolute to discover everything about the place she grew up in, she looked for a methodology that could reveal data in a non-distant way. Instead of reading history books and drawing maps, Jolien kept on looking for alternative ways to explore an architectural place and settled to find information from within. That’s how she decided to visit every single inhabitant of the village to ask them herself what they knew about this township. A method that would cost a lot of time and commitment, a challenge she was more than willing to take, an experience that would and

will never be the same. Both the people who knew her and the inhabitants that she haven’t got the chance to get know
yet, welcomed Jolien in their home and told her about their memories and experiences with the village; how they grew up there, how they just moved in, their memories, their dreams, how everything was so different today or what made Ter Hand as unique from this day on.

Looking for the right format to put all of this information together, Jolien was trilled to organise an exhibition and a story telling evening during the annual local event: Koolzakommegang. Aside from photo and video material that people gave her, she was convinced to develop an artwork herself, giving an impression of her hometown as it is today.  


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