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School of Architecture    

Ghent University 2011

With Lore Vanhooren



The core principle for the school program was going to be ‘interaction’. Jolien and Lore didn’t want to create a school that isolates itself from the outside world and builds knowledge within a ‘closed bulb’ of professors and students. On the contrary, they wanted to design a school of architecture as if the men on the street, the regular Joes, are welcome to walk in and participate in debates and lectures about architecture and urbanism. A school that opens itself up and interweaves with public space. An early concept for the school took form of a public park accompanied by a set of ‘open pavilions’, resulting in a design for an architecture school developed in two layers; a concrete area (inside spaces) and a green, public area (outside spaces). Characteristic about the construction site was its position; shifting between high and lower levels. Jolien and Lore called it a fracture, as it didn’t connect one level with the other. That’s why they were resolute to make the school a place for interaction, engaging the various levels of the city. Lore and Jolien succeeded their plan and with this concept of a ‘passing by and connecting identity’, the public character of the park was ensured. Weaving building (inside space) and park (outside space) together, the principle of confrontation and interaction between both layers could be encouraged.  

Screenshot 2015-08-11 12.01.02.png
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Screenshot 2015-08-11 15.22.49.png
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